Paint pottery

Jimmy Potters Studio is Northern Virginia's locally owned ceramics and paint-your-own pottery studio. Come and enjoy a fun and rewarding experience in our open and relaxed, appointment only studio.

Choose from a wide variety of bisque items and colorful glazes. Personalize your piece in ready-made pottery or wet clay. The staff at Jimmy Potters Studio are available to answer your questions, while you create your masterpiece.

How it Works:

1.  Select a piece of unfinished pottery (also known as bisque). We have a huge selection of over 300 pieces of high-quality, functional and food safe pottery selections.

2. Choose your favorite colors from over 100 beautiful paints and glazes. Start creating your masterpiece. We provide everything including: ideas, stickers, stencils, other tools and lots of coaching to help with your creation. We’ve made it easy and fun to paint pottery at our studio.

3. When you are finished painting, we will coat you entire piece with a clear glaze and fire it in our studio. This food-safe finishing glaze will give your pottery a smooth, glassy texture.

4. In just ten days, your pottery will be finished and ready for pick-up in our studio!

What we offer:

*Birthday parties

*Pottery wheel for two

*Date Night

*Ladies Night

*Hand building workshops

*Corporate team building


*Parent & Me