Karate Creativity

Bring the benefits of clay play to your Martial Arts Studio! 

Jimmy Potters Workshop is an after-school pottery program on wheels. We offer an innovative approach to arts education through the craft of ceramics. Since 2008, Jimmy Potters has provided a creative learning space for clay and programs for children K-6th grade. Children are encouraged to explore their creativity while learning the basics of clay, through hand building. 

Art education benefits children's development in several significant ways: * Encourages the creative spirit in every child * Increases a child's attention to detail and focus * Children learn the skills of creative problem solving * Instills a sense and pride of accomplishment * Encourages collaboration and friendship * Increases children's self confidence * Creates a positive impact in the classroom and other aspects of their life.

Create your best karate move workshop.
A unique summer solution for kids.

Perfect for children (K-6th), tweens and young teens, whether they are new to  pottery
or are more experienced young clay artists. Projects are  tailored to your weekly
and involve unique functional and  sculptural works designed to exercise a child's
imagination.   Independent thinking and problem solving is encouraged every step
of the  way!

Group tuition rate & projects: All projects are one-session

*Paint-your-own Ninja Dunk mug $16 per child

*Sculpt your best Karate move $14 per child (Clay)

Minimum: 12 students

Max: 90-120 students

Workshop includes:

* Instructor lead step-by-step clay instruction
* Red & White Clay
* studio tools
* glazes and firings

Class size is minimum of 12 children and a max of 20 per one hour class intervals.
Clay & glazes are non-toxic and washable.                                                                                                                                               Finished pottery is ready for pick up in our studio in 14 business days.

At Jimmy Potters we offer :"THE BEST MUDDY FUN IN THE Northern VA/DC and MARYLAND AREA!"