Tired of the same old fundraising ideas? Let Jimmy Potters Studio provide a unique, creative and interactive opportunity to raise funds and bring your community together. Families, friends, and others can participate in a variety of projects that will not only achieve your fundraising goal but also beautify your campus, office, playground or place of worship.

Tile Fundraiser


4/14" Tiles with wooden frame

Your cost : $12.50 plus tax

Suggested Mark up: $30

Approx profit $17.50

Tiles with wooden frame also available in:

6 in and 8 in tiles

Gift card fundraising


Fundraising made easy! Simply have members of your qualifying school or organization sell Jimmy Potters Studio $25 gift cards and we'll give back $5 of each gift card sold to your group! We provide order forms, and instructions. A great fundraiser for every holidays.

Contact us for for additional details.

Give Half Back Event- Fundraising potential up to $3000

Our most popular fundraising event!

Our 50% Give Back Events  are the perfect way to bring a group together and raise funds for your organization.  

It's simple: email us to book your event. Choose between our Arlington or Fairfax studio.Bring your group in to paint and we'll send you a check for 50% of your group's purchases. Yes, Jimmy Potters Studio will give you half back!

Everyone will have a great time painting, creating and interacting with each other while raising money for your cause.  We put the FUN in fundraising!

Celebrity Auction- Fundraising potential unlimited!


Persuade a local celebrity or sport star (i.e Redskin quarterback/potter artist Chris Cooley) to paint a piece of pottery for auction. Better still, get the entire Redskin team to sign a piece for auction. Great for P.R. and media coverage with unlimited fundraising potential.

Silent Auction-Fundraising potential $250 to $1000

Many groups choose to paint items for silent auctions. We have all the creative tools necessary to help you create the perfect custom piece.  you are welcome to paint it yourself or have one of our in-studio artists custom paint it for you.

Jimmy Potters Studio will donate paint and firing fees if your organization has a valid tax ID number for donation purposes.

You'll see dollar signs at your silent auction with hand painted pottery pieces from Jimmy Potters!

If you are looking for a donation made specifically for your event or fundraiser, and are a non profit organization with a valid tax id, please call 703.934.4400 or email us