Fall After School In-studio


In-studio clay class


Creating with clay is fun and fulfilling activity to do with your children. But aside from being fun, working with clay also can provide some surprising benefits to your child’s development.

1. Motor Skills

Children pound, pinch, flatten, tear, poke, squeeze, coil, roll and bend their clay into all sorts of shapes and sizes. Clay is an excellent way to improve dexterity and strengthen large and fine motor skills.

2. Creative Problem Solving

Playing with clay stimulates children’s imaginations. Children playing with clay can experiment with building techniques and adapt to change along the way. This type of learning promotes problem-solving skills.

3. Therapeutic

Clay like water and sand has a natural appeal. Clay is wonderful tactile medium that can be very calming for both children and adults.  Manipulating the clay can be an outlet for children to physically convey their emotions and to reduce stress.

4.  Self Esteem

Children are easily able to mold and shape clay. The clay is quick to give into their fingers and they feel in charge of the medium. The feeling that they are in control gives them the confidence to communicate their vision. Once children learn to express their personal visions in clay, they can become empowered in ways that go far beyond the art room.

5. Pride & Accomplishment

Children learn to derive a sense of personal accomplishment from finishing a clay project. The take home projects at the end of class are treasures to be cherished!