Winter '14 Projects


2014 Winter projects revealed

Our pottery program includes lessons in a variety of hand

building methods that will inspire students to create works of art using  clay. Led by one of accomplished instructors, students will produce imaginative and fun projects each week. Each project is kiln fired and then glazed by the students. At the end of the program, students will leave with a sense of accomplishments and amazing original pieces of a lifetime.

Winter Bundled-up animals.


Our first kick-off project will allow students to create their favorite winter animals. Emphasis will focus on the pinch-pot method. Students will then embellish on scarfs, bonnets, ear muffs and boots to keep their winter animals "bundled-up."

 Mitten Hooks.


Are you forever missing your other pair of gloves? Never worry again with this Mitten project. Students will create their own ceramic mitten hooks. It is hang-able. Parents, you can hang your keys as well!

Heart a bowl


One of our signature projects. Students will learn the art of marble-izing. Marble-izing is creating different variations of effect with red & white clay. A great Valentine's candy bowl...or gift.

Super Hero/ Heroine mask


Create your own Super hero. Or princess...mask.

Students will create their very own wearable pottery art by slab rolling technique. Students can add any finishing textures by using pottery tools and slip. Students will wear these on our last day of pottery class:)