2018 Summer Camp projects


2018 Elephant Handprints 

Parents will cherish these prints forever! We stamp a child's hands onto a 4x4 ceramic tile and we will do the rest! We will write the Childs name and year for a cute keepsake!

Tape Workshop.png

Tape with clay!

Experiment with different types of tape and stickers. Create your own geometric designs on your pottery. Then choose your glazes and paint each shape any color you want. At the end, peel the tape and stickers and discover your beautiful creations! 

clay for kids.png

Create with clay!

Our clay workshops are called "Pottery Around the World" It's a combination of Art History and ceramics. We have plenty of ceramic projects to choose from. This Polynesian Tiki mask project seen here is one of the projects you can choose from.

Call us now (703)934-4400 to reserve your camp and we can assist choose the best project to offer your summer camp kids.